Thursday, 28 February 2013


100 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne - ph: (03) 9671 3232

Desperate for some gourmet trash on a Friday night, we headed to the city.  I had been to Gami before with some friends but my wife hates deep fried chicken so it was a stretch to get her to come here.  I think she was glad we did.

Gami is a small space in the heart of the city.  They have quite an indifferent attitude to service, which stems from the place being packed or booked out consistently.  It's a pretty simple setup, Korean fried chicken and tap beer.  They have other stuff as well but why would you eat anything other than fried chicken when it's call Gami Fried Chicken?

After waiting for a while we managed to get some bar seats and ordered a large serve of half original and half sweet soy.  This is the ultimate hangover food.  It's fatty, tasty, rich and sweet.  You will need to go to the gym the next day, however it's worth checking it out if you can get a booking. 

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