Thursday, 28 February 2013


81A Hudsons Rd, Spotswood - ph: (03) 9391 1335

We love Sugardough on Lygon St.  When the owners sold out, we were eagerly awaiting their next venture, and here it is, Candied Bakery in Spotswood.

Candied is in the up and coming suburb of Spotswood over the West Gate Bridge.  The main shopping strip is clearly gentrifying with cool cafes starting to roll up.  Candied is by far the highest profile arrival though.

This is not a sugardough replica, it is a highly American influenced bakery with a serious sweet tooth.  Candied retains the A+ grade pastries from Sugardough, but a quick glance at the menu below also adds jelly doughnuts, chocolate mashmallow cookies and an apple pie milkshake.

We had the pastries because that was what we loved about sugardough.  Still awesome.  For novelty, I also ordered the apple pie shake, which was amazing, do yourself a favour and order it if you go.

Click here for a review on Candied's hot cross buns.

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