Monday, 8 June 2015

GREEN PARK - Excellent option for brunch with kids

815 Nicholson St, Carlton North - ph (03) 9380 5499

We came across Green Park Dining by chance in our eternal quest for kid friendly cafes. 

By 'kid friendly' I mean much more than high chairs and plastic cups; I'm talking the full monty of toys, colouring pencils and play area. Yes, a lot to ask for, but ohh-so-good when we find a spot where the kids can actually run around and entertain themselves while we eat.

The McDonalds playground is always an option (and I've been there on a rainy day), but what we are aiming for here is a place where we are actually as happy to eat at as the kids are happy to play. 

Green Park offers just that. Great food, tick; good coffee. tick; good service, tick; good service that is not phased by kids, tick; toys and books for kids, tick; adjacent to a playground BIG TICK. 

Overlooking the playground

We came here the other day with friends (there were 5 kids under 5 at our table) and I am happy to say we were well looked after. 

Green Park's menu combines brunch staples with some Asian and European inspired dishes, offering good variety without being overly extensive.  

I started with a green juice supplied by Julian's Organics, a local juice bar delivering cold pressed juices daily. 

Julian's organic green juice  

Kids got boiled egg and soldiers from the kids' menu. Simple, fresh and easy with a reasonable price.

Kid's menu egg soldiers ($6)

The gown ups tried the Green Park breakfast with soft poached egg perfectly cooked at 63 degrees, bacon, sausage and housemade beans.

Green Park Breakfast – 63 degree eggs, thick cut bacon, sausage, beans, hash brown & toast ($21)

Hubby tried the corn polenta with mushroom and hot chipole sauce. The sauce gave this dish some zing and matched the creamy polenta quite well.

Fried corn polenta, wild mushroom and grilled corn ($18)

Avocado, fetta and herb salad on sourdough ($16) 

I probably should have chosen something a bit more adventurous than avocado on sourdough, but I was still recovering from a bit night the night before and decided to go easy. This dish was tasty with no real surprises; just a hearty Aussie breakfast item.

I noticed on the menu Green Park is licensed and offers lunch and dinner as well as brunch. I really liked the chilled, casual atmosphere of this place. It's the type of cafe you could go just to hang out over a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine while the kids run around.

I should say as well that there are 2 main dining areas - one overlooking the playground and one on the other end of the restaurant for the kids-free audience :)

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  1. My wish is to visit Melbourne and then I will follow your recommendations!! Great source of information!! You have a very lovely blog.


  2. Thank you Ecleticalu! I'm glad you are enjoying it!!!