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I love street markets and normally do most of my grocery shopping at our local market. It's fresher and generally much cheaper than the supermarket. 

Every now and then, we also go to our local Prahran Market for those speciality, hard to find items. Especially on a sunny day, the market is good fun for the kids, a comfortable place to sit down and have a meal and an easy one-stop-shop for different ingredients. 

Last weekend, we were invited to take over Prahran Market's Instragram account for the day to showcase our shopping experience through our own eyes. It was a fun way to explore the market and visit some of the vendors we hadn't tried before. 

We started by fulling up with Noisette Bakery pastries. The girls love croissants and Noisette's are very fluffy and soft - a hit with the girls. 

Next stop was The Essential Ingredient, a one stop shop for all things foodie, from crockery to cook books and spices. We are trying a new Mexican style pulled pork at home this weekend, and stocked up in spices there. 

The essential ingredient 

Now, anyone who reads my blog know how addicted I am to chocolate, specially good quality dark chocolate. I had heard good things about Cioccolato Lombardo and was excited to finally get a chance to try it.  

Just the smell of the shop is fantastic. I would weight a million kilos if I worked there - would never be able to stop eating... Head Chocolatier (yes, that IS a job) Tad Lombardo use the freshest ingredients and Felchlin Swiss couverture exclusively to produce fine artisan chocolates and the dedication to the raw materials really show on the final product. 

Cioccolato Lombardo 

Cioccolato Lombardo 

Cioccolato Lombardo's hot chocolate is a must.

Finally, we stopped by Damien Pike Wild Mushroom shop to get some mushies for our recipe and also to talk to man himself about the upcoming truffle festival they will be taking part of.

Damien has sourced truffles from WA and Canberra and has been infusing free-range eggs to create a special edition dish for the festival. He's also been busy preparing truffle infused butter which will be for sale at his shop during the festival.

Damien Pike Wild Mushroom shop 

Damien and the truffle infused eggs 

For anyone that loves food, Prahran Market is a great place to try new foods and talk to the vendors about their produce. Everyone I talked to takes pride in what they do and go the extra mile to bring the best quality ingredients to the market.

It's a fun way to educate the kids about food and a good family hangout on weekends.

Prahran Market's Truffle Weekend is part of Melbourne's Truffle Festival and will take place on 20 – 21 June.

Thanks Prahran Market for the invite!

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