Saturday, 30 May 2015


560 Chapel St, South Yarra

What a better way to spend a cold Saturday arvo in Melbourne than with an epic meal at Brother Burger and The Marvellous Brew??

Girls had a longer than usual nap today, which meant we were starving by the time they woke up and ready for some food with substance. 

Burger station - where the magic happens :)
Brother Burger in South Yarra is their second restaurant, following the original Brother Burger that opened in Fitzroy about 2 years ago. 

The idea is to bring some of the North laid back and personal style to the more 'commercial' South part of town.  

I for one loved the style of the place. It's a pretty large space with communal tables to accommodate larger groups (Brother Burger takes booking for 10+) and American diner style cosy booths. 

We started with some chips and onion rings to make the kids - and us as well! - happy. The onion rings were perfectly crispy and crunchy. I could have easily had the whole lot myself. 

Onion rings and fries served with tomato sauce and house made aioli 

I have heard a lot about Brother Burger's amazing wagyu beef patties, but I had no idea how much effort they also put on everything else on the burgers. The buns are freshly baked in house, they make their own sauces and mayos and the chicken, pork and eggs are all local free-range. 

The Donald pulled duck ($18.50)

The Jane ($11.80) and Magic Mushie ($15.80)
We picked a few of their burgers and sandwiches to share and try different things in the menu.

The Donald pulled slow-roasted duck comes with cucumber, lettuce, spring onion, coriander, hoisin dressing and pickled carrot. It's an interesting combination of Asian flavours inside a burger bun that works really well. Success with the adults and children alike.

The Mushie close up 

I was also keen to try their vegetarian burger with crumbled field mushroom, red peppers, spinach, goats cheese and house made onion jam. Even though I really like my meat, I also enjoyed this veggie filled version. The goats cheese and onion jam worked really well together to bring a sweet & sour bite.

The highlight of the day was beyond doubt the plain Jane Burger. Nothing but Brother Burger's amazing wagyu beef patty, lettuce, pickles, mayo and ketchup. Because it's so simple, the flavour of the wagyu really comes out and it's fantastic. There is no where to hide in The Jane and Brother Burger does an amazing job in delivering a quality, simple fare.

Oh, and did I say these guys have something like 10+ beers and ciders on tap? Yes, there is a reason for having The Marvellous Brew on their name. Taps are seasonal, meaning there is always something new to try.

In sum, I think the next picture sums our experience at Brother Burger quite well.

Definitely worth a visit for the burger lovers out there.

Thank you Brother Burger for such lovely service and food, and thanks Cassette for the invite!

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