Sunday, 25 January 2015


599 Church Street, Richmond - ph: (03) 9427 1307

We've been meaning to go to Kong BBQ since it opened mid last year, but their no booking policy combined with our limited availability to go out has made it hard for us.

'Never fear!', said the hubby. 'If we can't go to Kong, Kong shall come to us'.

Kong BBQ take away

And so it was. A couple of weeks ago, hubby brought home some delectable Kong BBQ treats for us.

Kong BBQ's take away set up is impressive. You make your selection and order online and a confirmation soon follows with expected time of pick up.

Kong BBQ has nailed their food presentation even the inhospitable environment of take away food. They have even come up with a cute customised take away bag to fit in the food, utensils and serviettes.

We decided to order a number of small things to share rather than large dishes. Here is what we got:

Crab bun 
Brisket bun 

I loved the buns. Sweet, super soft and moist. The crumbed crab was nicely cooked and complemented well by the tart pickles. Salmon roti was also nice, although I would have liked to see a bit more of actual salmon in it.

Hubby loved the spicy brisket bun and regretted he hadn't ordered a couple more of them.

We can't wait to try the actual restaurant.

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