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Fairfield Park Drive, Fairfield - (03) 9486 1501

One lovely afternoon, we decided to go to the picturesque Fairfield Park, where we had sweet treats from the boathouse while taking in the amazing view of the Yarra River and surrounding parkland.

Vanilla Slice and Banana Split

Menu & Interior of Boathouse

Established in 1908, the Fairfield Boathouse is oozing with charm.  The canteen style ordering allows you to see a selection of baked treats ready to be served.  The old style menu boards really add to that old-world feel of the place.
Scones and Cookies in the Display Case

Cakes & Slices in the Display Case

I decided on the vanilla slice.  While the slice didn't look that pretty, it made up in taste.  The pastry was light, fluffy and crispy and the vanilla custard was a good consistency - balancing firmness, but keeping its smooth custard texture.  The vanilla slice was an absolute delight.  The ice cream scoop on the side was unfortunately a real letdown.  It tasted icy and bland.
Vanilla Slice ($8.50)
With BF's love for bananas, he couldn't resist ordering the banana split.  Unfortunately, the icy, bland ice-cream topped with canned whipped cream really let it down.  BF said that the only enjoyable parts were the banana and chocolate fudge sauce.  With the ice-cream as a main component to the banana split, it was a shame that not better quality ice-cream was used.
Banana Split ($9.50)

View from Fairfield Boathouse

View from Fairfield Boathouse

The location of Fairfield Park Boathouse and Tea Gardens is absolutely stunning.  Watching people paddle around in old style row boats all adds to the amazing charm of this place.  Unfortunately, the ice-cream was a real letdown and we walked away (especially BF) not feeling totally satisfied.

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