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14 Armstrong Street North, Ballarat - (03) 5337 6635

So, as you may know, I have food missions - 'To find the best (insert food type).'  Well, one of these missions is 'Pizza.'  On a weekend away, BF found, what he stated as "the best pizza establishment in Country Victoria."  I know this is a massive call, but as he is a big researcher, I was pretty confident that this place would produce, if not the best, but pretty amazing pizza.

Here's what we found.

Shearers and Margherita Pizzas

Current Menu

I love the idea of rotating menus.  It ensures that in season produce is used and it's a pretty sure way of serving delicious and cost effective food.

So, we started off ordering two pizzas - Shearers and Margherita.  They were so delicious (and we were also very hungry) that we decided to add the Pulled Pork pizza.  The base was crispy, light and super thin, a definite winner no matter what the toppings were.

The Shearers was the absolute pinnacle pizza.  We loved it so much that we both agreed it was the best lamb pizza we've ever had. The lamb was moist and somehow melted in the mouth.  I would definitely come back here for this pizza.
Shearers Pizza

The traditional Margherita was also delicious.  A simple classic can't go wrong when great ingredients are used on an amazing base.
Margherita Pizza

Our addition was the Pulled Pork which I liked as well, however BF wasn't as wrapped about this one as the others.  The main reason I enjoyed it was that it was different.  The pork paired with the sweet apple was delightful.  I knew that apples worked well with pork, however I'd never tried this combination of sweet and savoury on a pizza.
Pulled Pork Pizza

Flying Brick Pear Cider & Peroni

The restaurant interior has that rustic, industrial feel with exposed brick work and retro style furniture.  It works with the country town setting.  Bonus for us that the Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2013 was on when we were there as a fringe exhibition was currently on display.

If you're after great pizza, you've got to try The Forge Pizzeria.  The Shearers is a not-to-miss.  Just got to keep our fingers-crossed that it's still on the menu next time we visit.

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