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19-21 Levenson St, North Melbourne - ph: (03) 9329 2973

What I like the most about Di Bella roasting warehouse is the constant aroma of fresh coffee in the air. I first came across Di Bella roasting warehouse a few months ago when I was walking back to my car after a work meeting nearby and simply couldn't resist the coffee smell.

Variety of coffees on offer 

I actually think that there are better coffee roasters in Melbourne than Di Bella, but the coffee served at their own roasting warehouse is actually very good.

Food is really good and reasonably priced too. Their take away sandwiches make for a good week day lunch and they bake most of their pastries in house.

Hubby and I loved the fact that despite being busy, Di Bella roasting warehouse was not completely packed on a Sunday morning and we were able to get a table straight away. Here is what we had for brekkie:

 House made pastries - apple and cinnamon muffin, plain croissant and almond croissant 

Ahh, hubby and his multiple orders every time we go out... The waiter was actually surprised to see only 2 of us when she brought so much food to the table. All pastries tasted good. I was surprised by how authentic the plain croissant looked & tasted. I particularly liked the almond paste filling in the almond croissant.

I got a very generous served of steamy scrambled eggs with sautee mushrooms. Simple, tasty dish.

 Scrambled eggs on La Madre sourdough ($8.90) with a side of mushrooms ($3)

Of course, you can also by beans and all sort of coffee accessories to take home at Di Bella roasting warehouse. They offer a huge variety of beans on site.

But to be quite honest, we prefer to stick with Seven Seeds for take home beans :)

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