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452 St Kilda Road, Melbourne - ph: (03) 9039 1122

Fleur opened recently at The Blackman Hotel for the delight of everyone that works around that area. I have posted before about Classico, the Italian restaurant also located in the hotel. As much as Classico was a bit average, Fleur has become my favourite spot. So much so that the waiters have started greeting me with a "Hello, again".

This very French cafe offers great breads and pastries all supplied by their sister venue, French Fantasies Boulangerie Patisserie on Toorak Road, South Yarra.

Their baguettes, macarons, escargots are all great. The only thing has disappointed me so far was their croissant - a bit chewy.

I've been meaning to get photos forever, so here is my first attempt. Blogging today about lunch at Fleur. Will follow up with another post on the sweets :)

Beef bourguignon pie with tomato relish ($6.50)

Tried the beef bourguignon pie for the first time today. I loved its rustic look. The dough was moist, crumbly, buttery; basically everything you want. I'm not normally into savoury pastries like this, but loved this one. And the steamy filling of large chunks of melting beef, mushrooms and carrots made it even better.

Side of shoestring chips

What can I say - is there anything better than chips to make my meal a bit healthier?

My friend ordered the onion tart. It had a similarly crunchy base, but was bit drier. The caramelised onions on top were delicious - very subtle flavour. Not sure what cheese they used for the gratin, but it was mild enough to complement the tart well.

Onion tart with tomato relish

Side dish of garden salad was nothing more than what you can see - leaves dressed with a bit of olive oil (and maybe some vinegar?).

Side of green salad

What can I say, I love the casual-chic atmosphere of is place.

Come here for coffee, pastries, tarts, bread, breakfast, lunch... I come here so often; there will be most posts coming up on this place!

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