Sunday, 17 January 2010

BABKA - Toasted Focaccia Sandwich

358 Brunswick St, Fitzroy - ph: 9416 0091

Babka is an institution in Fitzroy, serving all sorts of Russian style savoury and sweet pastries and breads. It is always packed for weekend brunch.

Today, we were just looking for some yummy bread to take home. Hubby bought some focaccia for our brunch at home.

Now, I've never posted any recipes or home made dishes before, but when my husband took the focaccia sandwiches out of the oven, I simply couldn't resist. It smelled - and looked - amazing. And it's really easy to make as well, so I thought it was worth sharing it here.

Toasted sandwich made with focaccia from bread ($3.60)


1 focaccia bread
100 grams of bacon
50 grams of semi-dried tomatoes
100 grams of shredded tasty cheese
50 grams of shaved parmesan cheese
margarine, pepper to taste


Pre-heat a shallow frying pan and fry the bacon (no need to add oil, bacon will release its own fat). Reserve bacon.
Cut bread in half and spread margarine on both sides.
Spread bacon, tomatoes and tasty cheese on the bottom side of the bread and the parmesan cheese and pepper on the top part.
Pre-heat the oven to 180 oc degrees and bake open sandwich for 8min or until toasted.

Here is the result:

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  1. oh look at that melty awesome cheese! it looks so good, I reckon I could sink my teeth into it very happily

  2. What a great dish to have as your foray into homemade dish posting! I can almost hear and feel the crunch of the bread and the goopyness of the cheese :)