Tuesday, 26 January 2010


238 Gertrude St, Fitzroy - ph: 9416 4747

I love all the decor hanging from the ceiling at Birdman Eating.

One of my friends who used to live on Gertrude St was obsessed about this place and I've been here with her a few times before. This time, we were taking some friends from Sydney out for brunch and wanted to show them something a bit different, quirky and very 'Melbournian'. I think this place was a good choice.

Sourdough toast with jams ($6)

I love the way food is served with so much attention to detail, like the perfect little cubes of butter that come with the sourdough toast. Or the very finely chopped onions on top of the rarebit.

Welsh rarebit ($8.50)

Other more indulgent brunch items include ricotta hotcakes with vanilla ice-cream. The ricotta cakes were very fluffy and tasty. The ice-cream was a bit of an overkill to me, but hubby (who ordered it) thought it was a perfect way to start the day.

Ricotta hotcakes with berry compote & vanilla ice cream ($14.50)

Birdman Eating also does lunch and dinner. I think some of their brunch menu items can easily fit as lunch, like their well sized baked eggs of the day (the brunch menu is served until 5pm).

Baked eggs of the day with tomato and chorizo sausage ($12)

To be fair, there is nothing particularly amazing about the food here. The food is good, but what like most about Birdman Eating is the atmosphere, the attentive service, the little details... It does feel a bit like some fantasy land far far away - even though you are just in Fitzroy :)

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  1. Don't think I could handle ice cream for brekky, but there's something nice about knowing there are people out there who can :D