Saturday, 25 July 2009

MART 130 - My Favourite Cafe in Middle Park

107A Canterbury Road, Middle Park - ph: 9690 8831

Some people say that "you eat with your eyes".

I couldn't agree more. Aren't there places that you pass by and instantly feel like going in? Or little places in alleyways that look a bit dodgy from the outside, but you get completely surprised once you walk inside?

Of course, if the food is not good, no amount of decoration can save a restaurant. But to me, a nice looking restaurant with friendly staff accounts for half of the meal.

It doesn't really have to be luxurious - which Mart isn't - just come with nice touches and flowers - which Mart always does - to get me hooked.

fresh fruit arrangement
tulips by the window
Mart is, by far, the busiest cafe in Middle Park. It's easy to tell why. The staff is friendly, food is good, there is always a selection of freshly baked muffins to chose from and a huge variety of magazines to flip through while you have brekkie.

I really like their muesli. This time, went for the bircher version with poached seasonal fruit. It came if big chunks of rhubarb - soooo good!

Bircher muesli with poached fruit topped with granola
My husband's fritters looked really good too, but were devoured in minutes; I didn't get a chance to try... A bit to greedy of him but, oh well, I can understand.
Corn fritters served with bacon and buffalo mozzarella
My verdict: number 1 destination around that area for a weekend brunch.
Note: For anyone living in the city, Mart (or tram written backwards) is AT a tram stop (St Kilda line 96) - it's really easy to get there and if feels so nice to be out of the CBD during the weekend!

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  1. ohhh, I love the presentation on the corn fritters. You know I'm so hungry right now I could down 5 plates of that stuff!

  2. I'm so in love with rhubarb right now, it seems like I'm constantly stewing up another batch to have with my porridge or yoghurt.

    By the way, I like your blog! I think I'll have to add you to my procrastination reading list :)

  3. Hi Maria
    I'll also try the fritters next time I go there, they smelled great!
    Hi Conor
    Glad you like the blog. It is addictive - I want to spend my whole day either reading blogs or writing on mine :)
    Cheers, Foodlover