Tuesday, 4 August 2009


183 St George Rd, North Fitzroy - ph: (03) 9482 4240

The Moroccan Soup Bar is quite an interesting restaurant:
- It is strictly vegetarian
- It doesn't serve alcohol
- It is run and operated by women only
- There is no menu

The restaurant is tiny, but had a great atmosphere. You do feel like you are in North Africa - most of the waitresses wear muslin gowns; the terracotta walls contrast with the blue middle eastern plates; tagines and smoke pipes complete the decoration.

I've been to the restaurant before, but this is the first time I come in a large group. There are seven of us celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday.

We all choose to go with the banquet (expect ridiculous quantities of food for $20 per head). Within a few moments, a sharing plate of hummus, yogurt and pickled vegetables is served with a plateful of freshly baked bread.

Entree of dips and pickled vegetables

Mains come soon after and consist of a variety of vegetables and pulses cooked in tagines and soups served on couscous. My favorite dish is the baked chickpea dish served with tahini, yogurt and cinnamon. It has a great crunchy texture and the sourness of the yogurt goes perfect with the softness of the chickpeas.

Assorted mains

When you think you cannot eat another bite, dessert comes. Think of pistachios, honey, creamy custard, hazelnuts... all served with traditional Moroccan coffee.

Assorted desserts

We all walked out feeling stuffed - and happy!

Dinner felt like more than just another meal; it was like being transported for a couple of hours to a land faraway.
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