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71 Collins St, Melbourne - ph: (03) 9663 8333

Harley House Picanteria is a blend of cocktail bar and restaurant inspired in Modern Peruvian cuisine.

For anyone unfamiliar with Peruvian food, think ceviche, ancient grains (like quinoa), lots of root vegetables and corn, corn and variations of corn.

Tapioca flour cheese bread, canchita chulpi, pisco olive oil

Modern Peruvian steers a bit away from the heavy traditional formula to incorporate lighter elements of their cuisine - like fruits and fish - and more textures to create their dishes.

I got to try a few different restaurants while in South America and Astrid & Gaston is a favourite MUST VISIT to all food lovers out there.

Harley House bar and restaurant share the same space and it's definitely a 'people watching' place. Loud music, lots of young office folk walking up and down with their cocktails and high heels and a very enthusiastic waiting staff. (Wow, I feel old writing this!!!!)

We ordered the 'feed me' menu and here is a bit of what we got.

Pork empanadas

Hubby enjoyed the crispy empanadas and the pork belly sliders, although the pork belly was a but soggy.

Pork belly, red onion and chilli mini burger

flank steak with Huacatay salsa

I loved the flank steak, a cut quite popular in South America that you don't often find in Australian restaurants. The meat was perfectly medium rare and the green salsa was the perfect zesty addition.

Quinua, cherry tomatoes and crispy purple potato salad

Dessert was a less than impressive mini flan and the flavour was lost in a bit too much sugar and cream. 

We had a good night out, but I wouldn't say I'd be rushing back for dinner at Harley House. It does seem to be a good destination for after work drinks; the bar was flat out for the entire time we were there.

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