Thursday, 25 June 2015


13 Anderson St , Yarraville - ph: (03) 9687 1538

Cobb Lane Bakery is an absolute gem in Yarraville.

It's a small bakery/ cafe dishing out amazing breads, pastries and sweets, as well as beautifully presented breakfast dishes like this one -

63oC poached eggs with smoked white fish, pickled beetroot and local greens 

I didn't know if I should just stare at it or actually eat it. So pretty!

House made sausage roll 

Hubby enjoyed a couple of their baked goodies. He really liked the sausage roll.

Selection of savoury and sweet pastries 

I was good enough to control my cravings, but couldn't stop staring at their collection of filled doughnuts. Rhubarb, rose and white chocolate all put together with fried dough? Never seen that before and was so tempted to go for it!

Has anyone tried their doughnuts? Does it taste as amazing as it looks?

Cobb Lane Bakery is now in my books for more visits :)

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