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95 Toorak Rd, South Yarra - ph: (03) 9866 5975

We had such a great meal at Da Noi the other night.

had been there a couple of times before, over 2 years ago, and it's good to see the food and the service are still just as good.

Da Noi's translates as 'At Our Place' and their layout encapsulates the message well. The converted Edwardian terrace is set up as 4 distinct dinning areas with only a handful of tables in each, which gives it a nice homey feel.

Service is friendly without loosing that bit of formality that I think is a part of the fine dining experience.

Da Noi offers a 4 course 'chef's menu' tailored for each table based on the guests' taste, or an a la carte menu that changes daily.

Fresh house made pasta with beef ragu 

We chose a couple of things to share from the a la carte menu, starting with fresh pasta and beef ragu. The pasta was incredible. Perfect texture that kind of makes me want to give up on ever cooking pasta at home again...

I chose the veal medallions for my main and, although I was expecting more of a stake than a baked dish,  I still enjoyed combination of autumn vegetables' flavours.

Veal medallions with eggplant and parsnip purée

Hubby made a special request for Da Noi's signature dish that wasn't on the a la carte menu that day.

The suckling pig was incredibly tender and worth every mouthful.  

Sucking pig wiht roast potatoes 

Great meal and great relaxed atmosphere for our date night :)

I really appreciate the amount of effort they put in creating great food. Da Noi also owns their own farm where they grow a lot of their produce. And the freshness of the ingredients does show in the dishes. 

Probably not an everyday restaurant, but certainly worthwhile a try for special occasions.

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