Sunday, 1 March 2015


163 Commercial Rd, South Yarra

We were invited by Prahran Market to join their special Graze the Market event as part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

I loved the concept of this event. We were given a small wooden tasting board to collect morsels of food from various vendors around the market. It was great format to allow guests to experience the market in a very intimate and fun way.

Punt Road Chardonnay and pulled pork with red and green capsicum 

Although I've been to Prahran Market quite a few times and it's not far from me, it is not a place I come to often,

I was happily surprised to see the variety of vendors they have in the market and the overall quality of the produce they sell.

We ended up making a few purchases as well as we walked along, like break from Noisette, Market Lane coffee and pasta from The Essential Ingredient.

Brie, quince paste and cured meats 

I didn't recall Prahran Market's large outdoor dining area surrounded by cafes and bars. It was such a great open environment to have the kids running around and enjoying themselves while mum and dad got to relax over a glass of wine and plenty of good food.

Savore band playing in Market Square 

The bubs however had a bit too much fun and ended up having a bad fall over one of the stools. One moment I was chilling out listening to some Latin tunes from Savore band and the next I was holding a bub with a bloody nose.

Bub before accident... enjoying the food! 

Even on that the market was fantastic. A first aid lady was with us in no time helping us clean and dress her wound and just being overall super helpful and friendly.

Thank you so much for the Marketing Team at Prahran Market for the invite and for the whole team for looking after us.

Recommended place for shopping, grabbing a bite to eat and bringing rowdy kids :)

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