Sunday, 5 October 2014


180 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since we last posted on the blog, it's bad... Reality is, with 2 little ones and day jobs that keep getting more demanding there just isn't enough time to dedicate to writing.

When the babies were first born, we actually didn't have much to blog about - going out for nice dinners became a distant memory. Now that they are over 1, we've been venturing out more (many times with kids in tow - they are getting spoiled) but I'm still struggling to have time to actually sit down and write.

Anyhow, it's 6.30am on a Sunday morning and I might get half an hour if I'm lucky :)

Hubby has been raving about Andrew McConnell's new city restaurant Super Normal for a while. Trouble is they don't take bookings, so it makes it hard for us to plan around the bubs.

We finally made it last night (afternoon) with the babies by rocking up at their dinner time of 5pm! Never had such an early dinner before, but it was the perfect timing for us with only a couple of tables already taken.

I loved the 'light industrial' atmosphere of the place. Polished concrete floors, exposed brick walls, lots of plants with a super trendy vibe, but still welcoming.

Service was lovely with a very friendly & accommodating waitress who made sure the girls were looked after and got some food straight away.

We started with spicy beef bun - amazing. Juicy beef inside a fine crispy parcel. The texture was just perfect - really one of the best I've every had.

Note the greedy little fingers on the background ready to attack the food :)

Pan-fried spicy beef bun ($6) shown at the top

I let hubby do the ordering and he chose his favourites.

Duck bao - twice cooked duck, vinegar & plum sauce (half duck $55)

Super soft 'bao' for the duck

Hubby LOVES his duck and couldn't go past the duck bao. The half duck was served in one piece and hubby asked to have it shredded for us.

Pan fried pot sticker dumplings ($10)

Again, perfect texture on the dumplings. I loved the presentation with all of them stuck together by fine layer of dough. The dumplings were tasty with an interesting back note of aniseed.

The waitress made a great suggestion of ordering the asparagus and peas side dish for 'something green for the adults and the kids'. Simple, tasty side that proved VERY popular with the girls.

It's great being able to go out with the girls and finally having a bit of time to blog again!

Hope you enjoy. Happy reading peoples!

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