Saturday, 25 October 2014

ARI HASHI - best sushi in Richmond

258 Swan St Richmond - ph: (03) 03 9427 0609

So happy with my 'discovery' of a great sushi joint in Richmond!

Ari Hashi is not new, but I've missed it somehow and never had much luck trying to find decent quality sushi in the area.

Even though there is plenty of options in the pre-made/ takeaway/ hand roll sushi category along Bridge and Swan Rd, it's hard to find authentic Japanese restaurants specialising in sushi.

Sushi and sashimi combo for 1 ($26)

Hubby picked up this beautiful & plentiful platter for me. The perfect Friday night 'treat' to enjoy with a movie at home.

The salmon and tuna sashimi was very really fresh, the sushi rice was cooked really well and only just slightly seasoned.

I also enjoyed the tempura prawn rolls - but not a fan of the lettuce addition to them; it just didn't seem a good fit.

Will be ordering again!

Ari Hashi on Urbanspoon

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