Saturday, 18 October 2014


589 Chapel St, South Yarra - ph: (03) 9827 3337

We made a special 'breakfast family trip' to A la folie last Saturday to try their macarons and petits choux.

Their shop window looks amazing with all the colourful, delicate pastries. Not one passer by goes past without giving it a glance.

I quite like the concept of small bite-size sweets. It almost feels like it's okay to be having macarons for breakfast - almost.

We ordered our coffees first for a much needed caffeine 'hit' - good brews on both latte and double ristretto (and notice the greedy little hands going for the coffee...)

We then tried a selection of petit choux - choux pastry filled with flavoured crème patissière and topped with fondant.

Coconut & lime was my favourite. A creamy lime custard filling topped with coconut and pineapple compote. Hubby loved the salted caramel and the girls finished the raspberry in one mouthful each.

Coconut & lime, salted caramel and raspberry petit choux 

We then moved to the macarons and shared the rose delight and orange & guanaja flavours between the 4 of us. Yes, we're keeping the family happy and chubby together :)

I was curious about the rose delight, as it is a recipe inspired by pastry chef Mercede's childhood. The macaron is made with orange blossom, rose water and raspberry gelee. I must say it was a bit too sweet for my taste, but hubby and the girls liked it.

Orange & guanaja (dark Valrhona chocolate) was amazing and I could even taste the fresh orange juice. The chocolate centre was creamy and its bitterness balanced the sweetness of the orange shell really well.

Rose delight and orange & guanaja chococate macarons 

A la folie's small treats are a good option to satisfy my sugar cravings without over indulging. Maybe that's how French people manage to stay thin without giving up on tasty food!

Big MERCI to Pascal & the team for the invitation.

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