Friday, 13 September 2013


2/19 Grey Street, St Kilda - (03) 9534 8415

I came across Ms Jackson by chance the other day as I was driving past St Kilda and craving for a coffee. 

The cafe is actually tucked away on Jackson Street, just off Grey Street - hence the name, I guess. 

I loved the look of it the moment I walked in. Laid back atmosphere, relaxing background music and friendly staff were the perfect set up for a cup of coffee on a busy day. I didn't enough time to try the food menu on my first visit, so this post is from my return visit for a weekend brunch with hubby. 

Even though Saturday morning was obviously much busier than a week day arvo, I still felt that same relaxed vibe about this place. I think service was played a big role in it. Everyone was so friendly and really made us feel welcomed. One of the guys actually remember me from my previous weeks a few days back.  

I'm a latte drinker and my coffees were very good on both visits. Perfect temperature and perfectly frothy milk. Hubby ordered his usual double ristretto and was not disappointed either. 

I ordered baked eggs with chorizo and hubby went for the pancakes. I liked how the eggs were cooked, but the dish overall was a bit too salty. The salt in the sausage alone would have been enough seasoning in my view. 

The banana and toffee pancakes were yummy and surprising not overly sweet. The dough itself was pretty neutral and the perfect base for some seriously rich toffee syrup. We just wished the pancakes were lighter and fluffier. They were a bit too flat and doughy for my taste.

I couldn't resist trying one of their tempting house baked pastries and chose the raspberry and white chocolate muffin as my brekkie 'dessert'. The muffin was so soft and fluffy. Loved it.

Miss Jackson may not be the most extraordinary eatery in town, but it certainly has the right atmosphere. It's a place that I will be coming back to - even if only for coffee and pastries - for some chilled time out. 

It is a breath of fresh air in a area were every other decent cafe is always so busy. 

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