Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Shp1/ 2 Vista Pl, Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island - Ph: (03) 5956 7000

Still on the theme of Phillip Island, Woolamai Pizza is another regular and reliable eatery for us when we visit the island. 

Although not outstanding, their pizzas are a great option for those nights when we don't feel like cooking or going to Cowes for food. Woolamai Pizza is located right near the bridge when you enter Phillip Island at a small shopping strip. 

It is mainly a take away shop with not much room for dining inside. We always order take away. 

Pesto chicken pizza ($18 for large)

The pesto chicken pizza is filled with sun dried tomatoes, parmesan and fetta cheese. The toppings are tasty, although the chicken is a little bit dry. 

The base is too thick for me - definitely not the traditional Italian extra thin stuff - but it is cooked well and doesn't get soggy. 

Garlic and cheese pizza ($8.50)

Hubby as usual goes for something a bit more heart stopping and chooses the garlic and cheese pizza. It's more like an entree pizza - not much happening in terms of flavours, but certainly A LOT of cheese. I only had one slice and that was enough for me. Way too much mozzarella happening there. Hubby loved it. Again, the base was cooked well.

Woolamai Pizza won't change your world. but it's a safe bet in Phillip Island.

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