Friday, 12 July 2013


Shop 2, 75 Chapel St, Cowes - ph: (03) 5952 6400

A visit to The Island Food Store is part of every trip we make to Philip Island.  

We found this gem of a bakery when we first came down with a local and have been coming back every since. The Island Food Store is a tiny corner shop in the centre of Cowes that sells a variety of house baked goodies as well as selected pantry items mainly from Regional Victoria.

We stopped by The Island Food Store to get brekkie supplies for the weekend during our last visit to Philip Island. The white chocolate and raspberry muffin looked particularly appetizing during this visit, straight out of the oven. It was a bit too crumbly (still hot from the oven), but very buttery and tasty. I would have liked to see a bit more raspberry throughout the muffin - not just near the top - as they added a great sour bite to it.

Raspberry and white chocolate muffin ($4.50)

Hubby couldn't go past the almond croissant. I loved the almond paste filling and crunchy dough. Great taste without being overly sweet.

Almond croissant 
As much as we enjoyed our sweet treats, the star of the day was definitely the chicken pie. Hubby ordered an individual pie from brekkie and we liked it so much we ended up taking a large one for dinner!

Big chunks of perfectly moist chicken mixed with carrots and peas encrusted in a beautiful case of crumbly dough. Needless to say more. I'm normally not a huge pie fan yet still absolutely loved this one.

Chicken pie ($8)

Did I say they also sell bread from Dench Bakers in Melbourne? I doubt you could find better bread anywhere else in the island.

The only point where they miss the mark at the The Island Food Store is coffee. We've tried it enough times to know not to order any more. Everything else is highly recommended.

Note The Island Food Store is not open on Sundays, so make sure to get your supplies on Sat!

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  1. wow! I've always found the coffee to be really great there!.. It's Bun coffee from Byron Bay - a really strong continental blend which i love as a black coffee drinker. Maybe your taste isn't the strong stuff?!

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