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393 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell - ph: (03) 9077 3763

Gluten free cafe? Seriously? 

Hubby (of all people) suggested we tried this cafe due to: (a) it rates really high on Urbanspoon and (b) Camberwell lacks good cafes, so anything highly rated is worth a try.

I was sold the moment we sat down for brekkie. The staff is super friendly, the cafe is cosy and the menu is super cute. I could tell we were in a for a good meal.

Red Robyn caters for the 'special dietary requirement' crowd. The menu is gluten free and there are dairy free and vegan options for most dishes. Of course, everything is free range, preservative free as well.

Although I do eat dairy and gluten, I have to admit I never felt healthier than when I did a gluten & dairy free diet experiment for a couple of months last year. So it's a good change to have a gluten free meal every once in a while.

What I loved about Red Robyn is that 'special diet' didn't translate into bland and boring food. Their menu is innovative and different. It was actually quite refreshing to see things other than eggs/ beans/ avo on toast and  muesli on the menu. (even though they do offer a gluten free version of all these items as well)

I ordered the Red Robyn breakfast - polenta and corn fritters served with field mushrooms, roast tomatoes and spinach. Healthy, filling and very tasty. I loved the presentation when it was served.

Polenta and corn fritters with field mushrooms, spinach and roast tomatoes ($16.50)

Hubby tried the house baked beans on polenta. Also super tasty and well cooked. The beans were cooked in a tomato base and I liked the combination of tangy tomatoes and sweet carrots; hearty dish.

Baked beans 

You can tell the owners love this place and paid a lot of attention to detail. From the cute little flower arrangements on the table to the decor - very simple, but well thought - Red Robyn looks and feels cohesive.

The menu changes seasonally, so we'll be coming back again to try their new menu soon!

Red Robyn on Urbanspoon

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