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155 Fitzroy St, St Kilda - ph: (03) 9537 0001

I've been to Fitzrovia so many times, can't believe it's taken me this long to write a post about it! Fitzrovia is one of our favourite cafes in St Kilda. We love the fact that owner and front of house Marco is always there to greet us and make sure we get good service. Granted, I only visit Fitzrovia on week days when it's not packed with people. 

I love the look & feel of this cafe. It's bright and airy and the boxes of fruits and veggies scattered around give it a homely touch. 

I normally start my brekkie with one of their freshly pressed 'fusion juices'. Juices change seasonally and there is always some curious combination on fruit and veg in the mix. The one pictured here includes fennel, apple and lemon - not for the faint hearted, but very much to my liking. 

Fennel, apple and lemon juice ($6.50)

After such a refreshing start, I decide to stay on the health wagon and order the bircher muesli - 5 grain and almond milk porridge with cranberries, honey and super food mixed seeds. 

Very tasty and filling. I love the crunchy nuts and seeds scattered through the muesli, but do ask for an extra serve of cold milk to make it a bit more 'runny'. The bircher was a bit to bulky for my taste and the added milk was all needed to turn it into the perfect dish. 

Bircher muesli ($12)

To counter balance my health choices, hubby opts for the heart stopping bacon and cheese toastie. It does smell amazing when the waiter brings it to the table. I have a bite and enjoy it, but there is no way I could eat so much cheese + bacon + butter in one seating. Hubby however has no issues wiping his place clean.

Istra dry cured bacon, smoked mozzarella and pear relish toastie ($14)

We were so full after our brekkies that we couldn't fit one of their sweets. Trust me, I was very keen on getting a 'breakfast dessert' when I looked at the display!

Even though I resisted temptation on this visit, I have been back for the carrot cake and muffins - both great.

I really like the fact that Fitzrovia caters for the health conscious, the fat lovers and the sweet toothed. The menu is diverse, yet cohesive somehow. We recommend a visit.

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