Sunday, 23 June 2013


I’ve been super lucky and just got back from an amazing holiday in Europe.  One of my stops was to Barcelona, where I caught up with the founder of this blog’s sister!  As it’s currently Summer in Spain, strawberries are in season – delicious, ripe and super sweet.  We were invited to a dinner party so I decided to make chocolate covered tuxedo strawberries for dessert (with the help of my sister-in-law's sister, of course).  These chocolate covered tuxedo strawberries aren't complicated; just require practice, patience and a steady hand.

Strawberries (firm but ripe, unwashed, at room temperature, preferably with stems, large in size and consistent in size and shape)
White melting chocolate
Dark melting chocolate

You can use pre-made piping bags, however I just make my own. Cut triangles out of baking paper and fold into cones.  To secure each cone, fold over the join.  Make sure the tips of each cone are tight.

Using dry paper towel, clean and dry the strawberries.  Note: Do not wash the strawberries in water as I find the chocolate does not adhere that well.

Melt white chocolate in a very clean and dry bowl. Tip: I zap the small pieces of chocolate in the microwave for about 60-90 seconds, checking at 30-10 second intervals.  You want to melt the chocolate just to the point that it has started to melt and you can stir the rest of the lumps out.  If your chocolate is over melted or too hot, your chocolate will just take longer to dry between coats.

So that the strawberries face upright, lay out all the strawberries.  The strawberries will naturally roll to a flat side and therefore you will know where the front of each strawberry is.

Holding onto the stem of the strawberry, dip the front into the white chocolate.  Note: You want to cover as close to the green top as possible.  Place onto baking paper to dry.  Repeat the process until all strawberries are completed.

Once the white chocolate fronts have dried, melt dark chocolate in a very clean and dry bowl.  Use the same method as you did with the white chocolate.

Holding the stem again, dip the right side, then left side of the white chocolate front.  You should be able to create a sharp ‘V’ shape.  Using the side of the melted dark chocolate bowl, gently scrape off any excess chocolate from the back of the strawberry.  Lay each strawberry down onto baking paper to dry.  Repeat the process until all strawberries are done.

Half fill a piping bag with melted dark chocolate.  Fold over the end of the bag so that the chocolate does not come out the top.  If required, cut a small hole at the tip of the bag.

Pipe a bow tie and three buttons on each strawberry.  Leave to dry.

Once all the tuxedo strawberries are completely dry, arrange onto a platter.

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