Wednesday, 13 March 2013


59 Napier St.

We've blogged the Station Hotel before.  It's famous for it's steaks and I believe that it's be best value steakhouse in Melbourne.  We went here for dinner on Sunday to celebrate a friend's birthday and this time decided to order outside the extensive steak menu.

No question what rules here

Great dining room, a nice complement to the bar area but remember to book
Game Lasagne

This was one of the specials, a 'game lasagne'.  My understanding was that the game was venison (but the waitress didn't seem sure).  Anyway, it was really nice, the perfect size and beautifully cooked.  We also liked the presentation in the cast iron pan.  

The Station Burger
The burger was fantastic.  It comes in a build your own formate, which is fine by me because I hate pickles.  Being a steak house, the meat was amazing, and the brioche bun was nice and light.  Salad as you can see was very fresh and high quality.  Special mention to the relish, which added a sweetness to the burger you don't usually get.
Hot Valrhona chocolate cake with mixed berry compote and vanilla ice cream
Dessert was beautiful.  Crusty on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside, beautiful home made ice cream on top.

Our only criticism of the Station is that their menu is not very seasonal.  Yes they have specials but they carry stock standards like french onion soup in summer when it's 38 degrees.  A small price to pay for fantastic quality and value, but worth highlighting.

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