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45 Keele St, Collingwood - ph: (03) 9077 3941

Cibi is cafe, homeware shop and art installation all merged into one. I was smitten by this quirky little place just off Smith St in Collingwood when I was walking by the other day.

The shop sells all kinds of cute Japanese cooking ware and utensils.

Cibi shop
The cafe is set in a spacious converted warehouse and there were plenty of tables available both times I visited on a Sat afternoon and then on Sunday mid-morning for brunch. Yes - no long queues for a table on the weekend at Cibi!

Hubby came along on my first visit. He's not a huge fan of Japanese, so he abstained from brekkie (just how that's possible I really don't know!) and ordered an iced coffee instead.

Iced coffee?
We were both surprised by Cibi's very literal interpretation of what an iced coffee is: a normal warm cup of latte served with a side glass filled with ice.

I have to say, their latte (the warm version) is perfect. I've since driven back from Richmond to Collingwood  just for takeaway. But the idea of the side glass of ice simply doesn't work. We made a mess trying to pour the coffee into the glass and the taste was just not right. Iced coffee needs to be a bit creamier, smoothie-like. 

Cibi's traditional Japanese breakfast hit the spot just right, though.

Traditional Japanese breakfast plate - grilled sliced salmon fillet, free-range egg omelette, seasonal green veggies, potato salad served with organic brown rice and miso soup.

Traditional Japanese breakfast ($17.50)
Although it sounds like a lot of food, the serving size was just right to keep me satisfied, but not totally stuffed. It's probably more substantial food then what I would normally have for breakfast and better suited for a weekend brunch. I guess that's why the traditional Japanese breakfast is only available on weekends. 

Miso soup served with breakfast 
I loved the warming miso soup served with my brekkie. It had loads of veggies and seaweed and much more interesting than the traditional miso you normally find in Japanese restaurants. 

Food was quick to come to the table and the service was super relaxed. I have been back a couple of times for food and coffee since my first visit when I took these pictures and had a good time on each occasion.

I noticed they make this cute-as-a-button green tea cupcakes and I'm already looking forward to giving them a try in my next visit. 

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