Sunday, 9 September 2012


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We were invited to the launch of the Yogurddiction food truck a couple of weeks ago. Jason Tan and Elle Gwee are the lovely couple behind  this new foodie venture and they were keen to spread the word about it. I love frozen yoghurt and invited a friend to come along it give it a try. 

Yogurddiction truck parked in East Melbourne 

First impressions were good. The truck looked really cute and I spotted it straight away as I was driving past. 

I liked their blackboard display and the super cute bright pink rubbish bin. 

Jason explained they make 12 flavours in total and the idea is to have 2 different flavours on offer on rotation that can be paired with various toppings. It's a straightforward proposition and alternating flavours will keep it interesting for the regular customers.

Today's flavours were peach & mango and raspberry & pomegranate. I tried both and elected raspberry pomegranate as my favourite. The pomegranate's subtle tartness went well with the fresh raspberry flavour.


There are multiple toppings to choose from ranging from simple fresh fruits and nuts to quirkier options like 'popping bobbas' - little caviar-looking balls filled with fruit syrup that burst in your mouth.

Yogurddiction frozen yoghurt 

The yoghurt cups are quite large, so it's a generous serve.

My friend and I enjoyed our frozen yoghurts and well as the overall concept. Everything is well thought out - logo, colour scheme, cups, toppings.  It's the first food venture for Jason and Elle and I wish them luck :)

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  1. You'll also easily find these guys by heading to

    1. Very well written article. Good Luck!

  2. I've been wanting to try them as I love froyo but it seems they only take orders and do deliveries from what I've read, not entirely sure.

  3. It's all about the toppings! Thanks for covering it