Saturday, 28 July 2012


Clarendon Street & Crown Riverside, Southbank - ph: (03) 9292 7468

The Merrywell at Crown's motto is 'Good times on tap' and I think that pretty adequately describes what you get when you come here.

We got a very kind invitation from Crown to come and check out the Merrywell, which opened recently on the corner of the Yarra and Clarendon St.  

The Merrywell is pretty much high end dude food.  It fills a gap in the market between the more commodity stuff at crown and the lower end of their fine dining offering (think just below the bar section at Rockpool).  Pricing is very competitive and quality is right up there.

The Menu for the day
They certainly didn't save any money on the fitout.  It's exceptionally modern and classy, showcasing first class views of the yarra.  It's also massive, with 2 levels.  The bottom level is open for lunch, the top is open as well for dinner.  It caters for 400 in total, which is needs to as its pumping on Friday and Saturday nights.  And they don't take bookings so get there early to avoid disappointment.
Great view of the yarra, right on Clarendon St
This place is massive, with seating (lounging) for 400
Looking down to the bottom level, the top level is only open for dinner
Seamless is about right...
The full menu
The menu is pretty broad, with offerings from the flagship burger and chips, through to salads and fish tacos for those not wanting to go to the gym the next day. 

The rest of the menu
Low fat (not).  The Jefferson!
This is one of their awesome alcoholic floats.  Plenty to choose from.  The 'Wake Up' was my favourite

Given this place has great dude food, there has to be some rabbit food for the girls
See previous caption :)
Like a kinder surprise
I was pretty happy with my surprise!  This is the flagship Merrywell burger
A very solid beef to rest of burger ratio, with all elements fresh and juicy.  Chips were good too.
Ok, half dude food, half healthy.  But really tasty!  Fish tacos
And the glamour... Mel Pinder (Media Relations) and the G Mac (Head Chef)
All in all, a great day out.  The Merrywell will suit a younger, more casual demographic that wants to enjoy quality comfort food in a spectacular setting at value prices.  

Thanks to Mel at Crown for the invitation.  

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  1. Good review of the Merrywell. I think you sum up well the style of the place and the intended patrons.
    I ate in their bar area to try the signature Merrywell burger, and a good burger it was too.
    However it came in a plastic basket, with paper wrapped burger, and paper wrapped fries.
    Whilst they did supply cutlery it was impossible to cut the burger in the basket.
    So in the end I chose to eat the burger in my hands, but what a mess. I note your burger came on a plate. All their burgers should come on plates, with cutlery, to enable you to eat in a convenient manner.

  2. Hey Aurso! Glad you enjoyed the review. Agree with the plastic basket, but I think they are trying to differentiate their offering through both menu and presentation. Looks good, but harder to eat...