Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Mobile food van Beatbox Kitchen makes the most amazing burgers ever! 

The beatbox truck 

We found them in Brunswick last Friday at a biking event.

After nearly 1h of waiting I was cursing the hubby for dragging me into the middle of nowhere on a freezing Friday night to eat some hamburger out of a food truck. Seriously, how good could it be?

It turns out the Beatbox Kitchen burger was amazing. I am not a huge burger fan and hate fatty food. But everything about this burger was awesome. The grass fed beef patty was tasty and juicy, the bun was nicely toasted and soft, simple salad and sauce to bind it all together.

Surly not a light meal, but not a greasy one either. The burger didn't drip at all.

Grass fed beef burger with cos lettuece, tomato and cheese ($11) 
and fries with tangy mayo sauce ($4)

The best burger ever. Really. Worth every minute of waiting.

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