Tuesday, 2 November 2010


144 Bridport St, Albert Park - ph: (03) 9690 2126

Andrew's is probably my favourite old school burger joint.

Founded in 1939, Andrew's Hamburgers is an institution in Melbourne. It's great for a quick (and slightly greasy) meal after a busy day at work. I used to come here all the time when I lived in the area and have to say that I really miss this place.

The same guys always greet us with a smile and when we were coming here often, they even knew what my husband normally orders. This is the last place I can remember that still does 'the customer's usual'.

The place is tiny; basically just the grill where you see the boys in action and a few stools along a narrow bench.

Whenever it is sunny outside, we just like to walk across the road and eat our burgers sitting on the grass, or drive down to the beach, which was what we did this time.

Large hot chips ($4.50)

Chips are always crispy and salty, which I love. The burger, as always, was juicy and very tasty. Simple, no frills, good quality food made to order.

Beef burger with lettuce, cooked onions, tomato and cheese ($8.50)

Apologies for the half-eaten burger picture - it was just too good to resist that first bite before taking the photo! : )

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  1. Was just here this evening and the place was hoppin! They actually ran out of food at 7:30. Its been difficult trying to find a good burger and i was not disappointed.

  2. Hi Rana, I'm glad you liked it! Andrew's is one of my favourites, specially when it's followed by some ice cream from nearby Jock's