Wednesday, 6 October 2010


77-79 Nicholson St, East Brunswick - ph: (03) 9388 8858

I visited Pope Joan a few weeks ago with some friends after hearing a lot of good reviews about it. I was really excited about coming here, as the cafe is co-owned by Matt Wilkinson - former executive chef of Circa, one of my favourite restaurants in town.

As expected, the cafe was packed when we arrived around 1pm on a Sunday. At least we were rewarded with a large and well positioned table facing the kitchen after our 20min wait.

Staff was quite hasty, but our coffees did arrive quickly after being ordered. Given how quickly coffees came out, I don't know how they managed to bring me a lukewarm hot chocolate though...

Hot chocolate ($3.50)

The menu is quite small and consists mainly of English style egg dishes (eggs supplied by Green Eggs - the best!)

I ordered the baked eggs with tomato, onion & chard topped with fetta. Looking at the current menu, it seems fetta has been replaced with smoked yogurt - or maybe I just got a daily special.

Baked eggs with tomato, onion & chard topped with fetta ($12)

I was totally disappointed with my dish. It was so overcooked, it formed a thick crust at the bottom of the pan. You can clearly see in the picture the amount of oil they used; it's practically overflowing on top of the eggs. Also, the amount of butter on the toast made it totally soggy. Probably had half of it before giving up.

My friends ordered the bacon and fried egg sandwich, which they moderately enjoyed. Nothing special and a little bit burnt on the edges.

Bacon and fried egg sandwich ($8)

Hubby definitely made the best choice in our table going for the ham, cheese and spinach sandwich. The only thing that was really tasty out of everything that we ordered.

ham, cheese and spinach sandwich ($9)

Still, one good sandwich wasn't enough to convince us.

With so many good breakfast places around Melbourne, I have no intention of visiting again any time soon.

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  1. Unappetising AND unnecessarily unhealthy makes your dish a mega disappointment!

    At least your hot chocolate wasn't too hot for you to gulp down to wash away the grease ;)

  2. What a shame. I've eaten at Pope Joan a number of times and have loved everything I've tried.

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