Monday, 18 October 2010


500 Bourke St, Melbourne - ph: (03) 9600 1995
Come here for: good take away coffee, sandwiches and pastries
Pity I never have my camera on me when I come to Earl Canteen. Earl is my default cafe for work catch ups whenever I'm in that end of the city. Love the atmosphere, the service, the food and - most importantly - the coffee.

I've been postponing this post for a while, until I had better pics to make it justice, but I guess this is better than nothing. So here it goes:

I have no pictures of the coffee, but my latte is always great. Also love their 'rapadura' (unrefined sugar), which has a dark brown colour and is really moist. I normally don't add sugar to my coffee anywhere else apart from here.

Their muffins vary daily and are always a good call. This one is raspberry and white chocolate. Not too big nor too sweet and very fluffy. Buttery scones are also a good call.

Raspberry and white chocolate muffin

Scone with butter ($3.50)

For something a bit more substantial, try their toasted sandwiches. I have to say I normally only come for coffee and take away pastries; haven't had lunch at Earl yet, which other bloggers seem to like.

Toasted ciabatta with prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, ricotta and basil ($13)

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  1. Even I've been there for lunch, and I'm in Perth! You have to, it is pretty amazing :)

    I didn't have any of the pastries yet though, will have to see to that next time I'm over yonder.