Tuesday, 7 September 2010


172 Oxford St, Collingwood - ph: (03) 9417 5930

I first heard about Proud Mary from a coffee aficionado friend who knows all the best places for coffee around town. Proud Mary is the (relatively) new venture of one of the former owners of Liar Liar in Hawthorn, also famous for its coffee.

Like Liar Liar, the place was packed on a Saturday morning and it took us a good 20 min to get a table. Once we sat down, we were greeted by the same waitress who used to work in the Hawthorn cafe.

Short macchiato ($3.50)

Coffees for start took a long while to arrive, but tasted very good once we got them.

Food was also good. Hubby had the soup of the day (tomato, beans and bacon) and chicken and pesto toasted sandwich.

Soup was ok, although I expected a bit more of a punch from the bacon. It wasn't as 'hearty' as I'd expect it.

Beans, bacon and tomato soup ($9)

Sandwich was delicious. I loved the thick multi grain bread and chutney on the side. Tender chicken breast and melting cheese went really well with the peppers, rocket and pesto. I ended up having half of it.

Chicken sandwich ($9)

To be honest, I chose plain eggs because I wasn't inspired by any of the egg dishes they had on the menu. Eggs were poached well and, as far as eggs on toast go, my dish was quite good.

Poached eggs on toast ($8.50)

I probably sounds harsh, but as much as I enjoyed the food and coffee and found the prices quite reasonable, I'm not sure I'd come back to this place. Quoting The Castle movie; 'It's the vibe'; the place was so full that staff just seemed to be rushing around without even noticing the customers. I felt the cafe was more like a production line of food than a place where you can sit down and just relax. Maybe it was just my impression, but I didn't leave the cafe with a smile on my face.

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  1. Haha 'the vibe'... classic, but yet I know exactly what you mean

  2. I love the vibe at that place, thats my favourite bit, each to their own I guess

  3. Pity there wasn't a vibe after a 20 minute wait, but I guess perhaps it's also great that you didn't love the place given the need to wait!

  4. i haven't about this restaurant yet. Great find. what were the prices like?

  5. Hi Chanel - the cafe and I just did not 'bond'

    Hi Anonymous - I know Proud Mary has many die hard fans. I actually came here because it was recommended by a friend who loves it. But I was put off by the long wait and service...

    Hi Conor - loved that you can see the bright side in it! Cheers

    Hy MRM - I've listed the prices under each dish on the post. They were quite reasonable; what you would expect from this type of cafe