Thursday, 26 August 2010


2 Ackland St, St Kilda - ph: (03) 9534 2922

Come here for: good pastries in a hectic atmosphere
Don't come here for: service; waiters were very hasty and tables are churned quickly

I haven't been to St Kilda in a while, so took the first warm(ish) day - spring is just around the corner now - we've had in a while to take a walk along the beach and finish my morning with a well deserved lazy Sunday brunch.

Il fornaio opened not that long ago next to The Prince Hotel in St Kilda. Apparently, as all good breakfast places in Melbourne, it is always packed on weekends. Hubby and I had to wait for about 15min to get a table.

When we sat down, the atmosphere was still a bit hectic. Waiters were hastily moving around and the table next to us had 2 kids who didn't stop screaming and throwing things around throughout their meal (poor parents...), which probably did not contribute to our attempt on a relaxed brekky.

Double ristretto

Anyway, we started with our drink orders. Hubby tried their double ristretto and liked it. 'Not great, but not bad at all' was his comment. I chose an OJ (only freshly squeezed juice they offered) for a change to my customary morning coffee.

Fresh orange juice

The breakfast menu is heavily based on egg dishes, with not that many other hot options for people who don't like it. Hubby went for the pastries instead and ordered the escargot and croissant.

Apple and sultana escargot

The escargot was quite nice and soft, with a crispy exterior. I liked that it wasn't too sweet or soggy.

Plain croissant

Croissant was a bit dry and disappointing. Even the shape was just not right...

I ordered scrambled eggs with fetta and mushrooms.

Eggs were really good and well seasoned. The mushrooms tasted nice and I loved the bread (comes from Noisette bakery in Port Melbourne).

Il Fornaio also opens for dinner and chef / owner Philippa Sibley is a well know pastry chef specialising on desserts.

Not sure if I would come to Il Fornaio again for breakfast - service didn't award another trip - but would like to come again at night to try the desserts.

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  1. I've been to that restaurant a few times before and quite enjoyed their food. But i agree, it is such a busy place.

  2. I'm really disappointed with Il Fornaio: they don't bake their own bread; there are no creative sweet dishes for breakfast; service staff have attitude which they don't hide from customers; the kitchen closes at 3pm to prepare for dinner service (not good for St Kilda), the table configurations are awkward. Despite the exquisite dessert creations, it isn't enough to make me go back.

  3. The croissant kinda looks like a cross between a seal and a crayfish tail...

    Those eggs look nice and creamy though!

  4. Hi all,
    I wasn't too impressed by this place. With so many good breakfast options around that area, I don't think I'll be going back there any time soon.