Tuesday, 24 August 2010


360 Georges Rd, North Fitzroy - ph: (03) 9481 5847

We were driving back home from a party last Saturday night and couldn't resist stopping at Danny's for midnight-binge burger.

Danny's is THE burger joint of Melbourne's northern suburbs. It's so old school with its blackboard menu, long roll of stools where you can sit to eat by the counter while you watch your burger being fried. I also love it that the burgers are actually a normal (probably small for Australian standards), manageable size.

Plain burger with fried egg

It's pretty basic stuff, but made in a traditional way. The patty is quite lean and doesn't drip oil. I loved the fresh bun, but can't say the same for the egg, which was overcooked and dry, making the whole burger feel a bit dry.

Chips made up for it though.

Small chips

The picture shows a SMALL serve of chips. Suffice to say hubby and I were sharing and we still couldn't finish it! Chips were steaming hot and crisp, not too greasy. I hate soggy chips that have been sitting under a heat light for a while before being served, so loved the freshly fried chips we got here.

Plain burger with extra onions

Hubby ordered the plain burger with extra onions. His choice was definitely better than mine - the onions provided that extra moist my burger was missing with the egg.

All up, we ordered, waited for our meal to be cooked in front of us (miracle!), ate, paid and were back into the car on the way home in about 30min. All up - including drink - less than $20 bucks. Not bad.

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  1. Midnight binge burgers is a great idea at that time of the morning! and good price too. will have to find the place.

  2. Dry egg or no, this is a win just for the time of day(night) you enjoyed it. Nothing like a big feed after a big night, especially when it involves good chips! :)

  3. I'm SO there for those hot chips! Soggy ones are the worst thing.