Monday, 19 July 2010


557 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne - ph: 9529 2899

Come here for: beer and mussel pots
Don't come here: ...hard to think of a reason not to come... if you're allergic to seafood and don't drink

LOVE the mussel pot at Belgian Beer! It's a great winter warmer. And what a better combination than mussels and beer? Yum!

Belgian Beer Cafe is always packed during summer. They have a huge beer garden which is great for catching up with friends over a cold drink on a hot summer day.

But I guess most people don't realise that the place also has a restaurant area serving great mussels pots. When I arrived here with a friend on a cold winter week night, the restaurant was almost empty.

Hoegaarden White ($7.50)

We were greeted by a friendly waitress who made good suggestions for the drinks and brought some bread to get us started. Love how the bread comes wrapped up in a little paper bag.

Complimentary home made bread and butter

I ordered the provencale mussel pot served with fries. This huge steaming pot comes out and as soon as you take the lid off an amazing aroma takes over the table.

Mussel pot

The serving is so generous that is takes a while to get to the juices and spices at the bottom of the pot. But as soon as I get there, I dig it all out with my bread - it's the best part for me.

Provencale mussels steamed with tomato, garlic and basil ($27)

Mussels tasted great and very fresh.

My friend chooses a salad and helps out with my chips as well. Apart from the raw onions, she really enjoyed it.

Mixed leaf salad with shallots, seeded mustard dressing ($7.50)

Chips (or frites) are crisp on the outside, soft inside and not too greasy; as it should be.

Frites and mayonnaise served with mussel pot

I think Belgian Beer is a very good option for a week night dinner - good food, good drinks, reasonable prices and not crowded... until Melbournians discover what they are missing out on :)

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  1. Belgium used to be a usual hideout...when I could drink beer!

  2. I think there are belgian beer cafes in just about every Australian city now and it's great! They are a great place to catch up with friends :)

  3. aww, this place looks good. Would be great to just pig out on mussels and drink waaaaay too much beer! Thanks for the recommendation

  4. Hi Penny - I'm not a huge fan of beer either, so glad they offer a pretty good wine selection as well.

    Ladybird, you're right. There are Belgian Beer restaurants in other capital cities as well.

    Hi Maria - it's very easy to pig out on the mussels, but they are a healthy choice, I guess? Maybe not so much for the beer that goes with it, but it's such a good combination :)

  5. Ah, interesting! I've heard the chilli mussels at the Belgian in Perth are good, but I've only ever had their frites. Oh, and a lot of their beer :)

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