Monday, 14 June 2010


114 Berkeley St, Carlton - ph: (03) 93478664

Come here for: coffee and take away coffee beans
Don't come here: looking for an extensive cooked breakfast menu

I love Seven Seeds coffee. Come here often to buy beans for home and for a cup of take away latte.

This time, came with a couple of friends for Sunday brunch.

Coffee was great as usual. As a rule, I've noticed that cafes serving really good food and lots of breakfast options normally don't make good coffee. And the ones specialised in coffee generally fall short in food options.

I've had sandwiches and pastries at Seven Seeds before that were pretty good. This time, decided to go for something a bit more breakfast-y and chose the bircher muesli.

Apricot bircher muesli

Bircher looked (as tasted) more little a trifle than yogurt. The crumble on top was too sugary and chunky and didn't really blend well with the other ingredients. Bircher itself was really dense. I actually added a bit of water to smooth it out a bit. Overall, it tasted like a rich dessert that I'd be happy to have for afternoon tea, but not first thing in the morning.

Hubby made a smart choice and chose one of their sandwichs. I love the wholegrain bread they use and the fact that they don't overload it with too much butter.

Ham & cheese toasted sandwich with gruyere cheese

The cupcakes looked so pretty and tasted very good too, according to our friends.

Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes

Almond croissant was also very good. I'm not sure if they bake everything in house; will ask the next time I'm there.

Almond croissant

The place is cool converted wearhouse and with high ceilings and red brick walls. Worth checking out.

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  1. I LOVE seven seeds for my morning coffee on the way to Uni. They've done amazing things with the warehouse layout. Must remember to pick up a sandwich on the way through next time!