Friday, 1 January 2010

GRIGONS & ORR - Old School!

455 Queensberry St, North Melbourne - ph: 9663 5192

This place is soooo cute! I could not believe it! It's really old school.

All the old-school-corner-shop-milk-bar details are there. From infused water served in old milk bottles to fifties furniture, this place feels like you've gone back in time.

I'm one of those super coffee addict who can't get through the morning without a latte, but the juices and smoothies just sounded so good that I couldn't resist it and swapped my morning coffee for a banana and berries smoothie.

Hubby went for kiwi fruit, orange and mint juice - so refreshing! And of course, drinks were served in an old school milkshake glasses.

Kiwi fruit and orange juice, berries and banana smoothie

Unfortunately, our food did not match the drinks.

Couscous porridge ($10)

Couscous porridge with coconut cream, toasted almonds and shaved coconut was really large and filling. I guess the couscous made it a bit to heavy. I've never had couscous porridge before and think this dish would have worked better with quinoa or plain traditional oats.

Fetta omelette served on toast ($11)

The fetta omelette wasn't that great, I have to confess. Eggs were overcooked and a bit hard. It was our only disappointment.

Still, I recommend going there if only for the amazing atmosphere and friendly service. If anything, I guarantee you'll enjoy the drinks!
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  1. Kiwi fruit and orange juice sounds like a great combination. What a thirst quencher on a hot summers day.

  2. Wow, haven't heard of using couscous as a porridge before, but now you've piqued my interest!

    Shame about the food, but at least you could wash down the hard eggs with the tasty drinks :)

  3. Love how the smoothie came decorated with a strawberry as if it was a cocktail! Shame about the food, but interesting use of couscous...

  4. Hi all! The drinks are certainly worth a visit!
    MD, I was thinking that maybe if you mix couscous and quinoa in a porridge, that might be the right combination?

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment on the flower. This is a great review that you have written. I enjoy your style. If I lived near by, I'd go for the drinks anyways!

  6. go to oscars and order yourself a pizza. do yourself that favour.