Sunday, 3 January 2010


237 Nicholson St, Carlton - ph: (03) 9347 7311

I often go for a run around this area and am always tempted to stop at The French Lettuce for one of their amazing looking pastries or just to stare at their gorgeous cakes.

Apparently, this shop if famous for wedding cakes that look (and taste) fantastic.

Last weekend, I finally drove there - after completing my morning run - to try some of their goodies.

Pistachio croissant ($4)

I really wanted to go for the sweet pastries, chocolate croissants, etc... but trying hard to be good and loose some weight after Christmas, so I went for their multigrain loaf instead. Unfortunately, they don't slice the bread (what is it with bakeries that don't have a loaf slicing machine!?), but I guess that means I need to put a bit more effort into cutting it... and spending the extra calories means that I get to eat more bread. Er, yeah, I'll fool myself :)

Hubby picked so croissants that I did not dare taste, which he loved. Said croissants were fluffy and light.

Croissants ($3)

Have to say, this is one of the best breads I had in a long time! It left me reminiscing of the a-ma-zing, un-des-cri-ba-bly tasty breads in France (doesn't happen often!!). It was doughy without being heavy, slightly salty and crunchy with all the bits of sunflower, pumpkin and poppy seeds.

Multigrain loaf ($5.5)

So far, I've had it as toast topped with smashed avocado, in my tuna sandwich and with a dab of butter for an early brekky before work. So much better than supermarket bread.

As soon as I've shed all the extra holiday kilos off, will head there again for the sweet stuff!

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  1. I am so hungry. Thanks for the highlights. Makes me want to fly there right this minute! Have a great weekend

  2. And thanks so much for visiting my blog...S.

  3. Good reward to keep in the back of your mind while pounding it out on the pavement!