Sunday, 13 December 2009

Heide Museum of Modern Art
7 Templestowe Road, Bulleen - ph: 03 9850 1500

Vue de Monde is really breaching out. First it was Bistro Vue, then Cafe Vue in the city, St Kilda Rd and now Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Having been to all three Cafe Vues, I still think the one in the city has the best food. But this one has certainly got the best views.

Heide Museum is located next to a golf course in a huge property. They have a cute vegetable garden and even make their own honey. The outdoors space is populated by Modern Art sculptures and there are three main constructions: two exhibitions spaces and the restaurant.

From the restaurant, floor to ceiling windows fill the room with light, and I get to enjoy my spanish eggs in a very serene environment.

The eggs are slightly overcooked, but the tomato fondue is tangy and delicious.

Spanish eggs with tomato fondue and red pepper puree ($9.50)

Husband goes for the duck jaffle, which he devours in two bites.

Duck cassoulet jaffle ($6.50)
We didn't get to try much of the menu. I also had a hot chocolate that was not as chocolat-y or hot as the one I love to get on St Kilda Rd.
In my view, the location is by far the best thing about this place. It feels like you are in the country AND it only takes a few steps to be inside the museum either before or after your meal.
And by the way - the exhibition 'Cubism and Australian Art' is great. Paintings, sculptures and installations displaying the evolution of cubism from early 1900s until today. It's worth a visit!

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  1. I can't believe how they've expanded either! Having visited Cafe Vue in the city just in July, these other ones have been springing up like proverbial rabbits =p

  2. Oh god, a duck jaffle? I would be all over that like a rash, and for $6.50!? Wow.