Wednesday, 4 November 2009


12 River St, Richmond - ph: (03) 9756 6806

"Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights are locals nights at the Royston. And it's 15 at 15 - 15 meals for just $15.
Parma, steak, salads, burger, fish & chips, pasta. And so on. In fact, most of our menu is a max of $15 on Locals Nights"

With an offer like that, we had to try The Royston.

Their parma, to me, is a stand out. The chicken in tender, really juicy inside and crisp on the outside. Perfect. And nice, crispy fries make the (even more) perfect good combination.

Chicken parma with chips and salad ($15)

This is the second time we come here, this time with a large group of friends. Based on our recommendation, everyone went for the parma and loved it.

The hubby and I decided to try new things on the menu so that I would have more to blog about :)

He went for a kangaroo burger, which he didn't really love. The meat was a bit dry and had a bit too much pepper on it.

Kangaroo burger ($15)

I went for the 'piri piri' chicken burger. No, it is not misspelled - apparently, 'peri peri' a trademark, so that had to come up with some other name for the spicy sauce they used on it...

Piri Piri chicken burger ($15)

Burger (not really a burger patty; but a nice, tender chicken breast) was great: huge serve, topped with creamy yogurt sauce, also served with salad. The only issue with my dish was that the staff got the order wrong and it took forever to arrive. Everyone else was nearly finished by the time I started!

Moral of the story: the 'parma gods' must have been angry at our 'betrayal' and had their vendetta. Next time, we'll order chicken parmas again!!
We really liked this place. There is nothing special (at all) about its atmosphere - it actually looks pretty dodgy - but the food is really good. Overall, service was good, parma made all our friends happy and prices were great for a week night, carb fuelled dinner.

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  1. The fries look so good and crispy! Oh man you don't want to get on the wrong side of the parma gods, they'll strike you down with a flood of tomato and flay your skin with burning cheese :D

  2. mmm thick cut chips!

    i always seems to have my order forgetten everytime im EXTRA hungry. Its like someone up there knows how starving i am, and wants to torture me even more lols

    what's your email darls? send me one at

    i like to reply to comment on my blog personally via email :)

  3. Hi Conor! Loved your comment - it made me laugh!
    Betty, will send you a note via email.
    Cheers, Foodlover