Wednesday, 4 November 2009


161 Spring St,Melbourne -ph: (o3) 9654 0811

Melbourne Cup day can be a tough day to eat out, shop or do anything else that is unrelated to the races.

One of the few places open for brunch was The European. I've been there before for drinks and for lunch, and it's always been good.

On Tue, the place was full of race goes, all dressed up and sipping champagne at 10am... ohhh, Melbourne Cup...

My friend and I both chose omelettes for brunch today.

Goat's cheese omelette ($16)

Mine was the goat's cheese one. I took the picture after cutting it open, so that you can see how creamy and fluffy it was inside. The eggs were perfectly cooked; just felt it lacked a bit of salt, which I added myself :)

Omelette special with chorizo sausage and tomatoes ($17.50)

My friend chose one of the daily specials: omelette filled with chorizo and tomatoes. She also enjoyed it. Both of us pretty much licked our plates clean!

Service was really nice and efficient and didn't mind us changing tables and orders. I also like its location on Spring St overlooking the park; you almost feel like you're out of the city.

All in all, great option for brunch or lunch in the city, albeit a bit pricey.

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  1. The omelettes sound so good, but surely for that price they could have jazzed up the presentation a little bit? Hooray for plate-lickingly good meals though :D