Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Manchester Unity Building, 220 Collins St, Melbourne

I had heard good reviews about this place from multiple people, but had never been able to find it.

Switch Board is only open on week days and it is - quite literally - just a hole in the wall. The service area with its big coffee machine is located in one side of Manchester Building's foyer while the tiny dining area is tucked away at the other side.

I had had a quick lunch in the city and just happened to be passing by the corner of Collins and Swanston and decided to give it another go and try to find the place again. If you walk into the building via Collins St, keep walking past another bigger cafe at the entrance and turn left. There it is.

And it was worth it. Their coffee is great and you can tell their barista is good at what his does.

Have to try going again for lunch - will make sure to add some pictures later.

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