Sunday, 9 August 2009


291 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn - ph: 9882 4955

Ahh Sunday brunch...

Nothing better than waking up on a lazy Sunday morning and going out for a long, lazy brunch with steaming coffee and runny eggs.

My husband and I had planned to catch up for breakfast with a couple of friends and their 2 little daughters, so we choose a place close for all of us.

I had been to Porgie + Mr. Jones once before and really enjoyed the atmosphere. The place has this cool, minimalistic decor and a large glass counter displaying all the yummy pastries and cakes they bake fresh each morning. It kind of feels like Sunday.

We start with our coffee orders. Our lattes and my husband's double ristretto are quick to arrive and beautifully presented.

Strong cafe latte

We are quick to order and food doesn't take long to arrive. My husband goes for their cheesy toast and a chicken toasted piadani, which is like a folded pizza toasted as a pressed sandwich. I got to try the piadani and it tasted really good. The dough was light and crisp; white, soft cheese and cashews went really well together.

Toasted piadani of chicken, leek, cashew and cheese ($11.9)

Cheesy toast ($8.90)

Our friends both order scrambled eggs served on wholegrain toast. It looks beautiful and the kids help finishing it in a second. It's so cute how they hold the fork with a lot of care and work hard on getting big chunks of runny egg into their little mouths! We make a bit of a mess, so after finishing the food, I take one of the girls to the bathroom upstairs to wash her hands. The 'excursion' ends up turning into a little adventure, with jumping up and down the stairs, playing with her baby doll and double washing the hands.

Mr Jones’ scrambles folded w/ fresh herbs and goats cheese on wholegrain toast ($12.90)

I've been dreaming about runny poached eggs all week for some strange reason, so decide to be greedy and opt for a big breakfast of avocado, mushrooms and feta served on toast with a poached egg (oops... maybe I've ordered enough food for 2 people?)

Smashed avocado w/ thyme buttered mushrooms, marinated feta + torn basil on wholegrain toast w/ poached egg ($18.90)

I guess not, because with only minimum help from the hubby I finish off my food pretty quickly. It is simply delicious and by far the best thing I've had in here. Thyme mushrooms are fantastic and salty feta turns our to be the perfect complement for the slightly sweet avocados. I top it up with freshly grounded pepper and voila - perfect breakfast!

The staff is quick and efficient and also really good with the girls. The place is very child friendly - full of kids and prams.

All in all, good breakfast experience. I recommend.

Note: The only pitfall is that Porgie + Mr Jones accepts cash only - so come prepared and make sure to have some cash on you.

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  1. Oh your avocado/mushroom/feta/eggy breakfast looks and sounds fantastic, I would be ordering that for sure. I deem you not greedy at all!

  2. I have been meaning to try out this place (along with Sasa's not far away) since it opened, but I'm not much of a heavy breakfast person. Guess I could give it a go for lunch though - the food looks good!