Monday, 24 August 2009


8-50 Bridge Rd, Richmond - ph: 03 9421 2808

Richmond Hill is one of my favorite eateries in Melbourne. They make good coffee and the best Bircher muesli; serve great breakfast until 3pm everyday; have great light options for lunch, including amazing risottos; the larder stocks a good variety of provisions and freshly baked breads; their cheese room is amazing.

Basically, you can't go wrong. Richmond Hill is definitely my default restaurant / provisions shop in that area.

The only problem is that I'm not the only person who has discovered it. The place is always packed - and I mean ALWAYS - so if you are in a group, make sure to book in advance.

Went there this Sunday around lunch time, just past noon. As usual, the restaurant was full and we sat at the bar sipping our coffees for about 15min before we got a table.

It was worth the wait. We started brunch on the breakfast menu with cheesy toast and bircher muesli (both favorites that my husband and I pretty much order every time we go there).

I personally think Richmond Hill makes THE best bircher ever. The toasted almonds make it crunchy, the yogurt is creamy, it's not too sweet; worth a try.

Bircher muesli with strawberries and toasted almonds ($8.90)

Cheesy toast is made on multigrain bread and comes with a bit of onion and herbs that make it deliciously stand out from your ordinary cheese on toast.

Grilled cheesy toast ($10.90)

We are still hungry enough to onto venture the lunch menu (I try to justify it by telling myself I need the extra calories after my morning run).

I go for one of today's specials: Spanish-style omelet filled with sausage, red onion and goat's curd. It it quite rich, but oh-so-creamy! The tomato relish goes really well with the eggs and sausage and the goat's curd adds a bit of tart.

Omelet with Spanish sausage, goat's curd and red onions, served with tomato relish ($22.50)

Hubby goes for something even more substantial with a steak sandwich, which he thoroughly enjoys - and finishes in seconds. The polenta chips were the winners for me. So light and crisp; simply perfectly cooked.

Steak sandwich with smoked onion relish, wild rocket and
horseradish mayonnaise served with polenta chips ($28.50)

Good way to start another lazy Sunday in Melbourne :)

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  1. Those polenta chips do look good. I guess you just set some polenta, cut it up and fry it?

    Good to see they're not stingy on the cheese with their cheesy toast ;)

  2. Oh this place looks like a place I want to try!
    I haven't have bircher muesli yet, but I'm dying to try it! And DAMN that is some cheesy toast!

  3. The food looks incredible, as it's different to the usual brunch stuff of eggs and bacon. Also, I've always wanted to go there, but I'm in Sydney!

  4. Looks like a great two course breakfast! I love the browning on the cheese on toast.

  5. I LOVE Richmond Hill for breakfast!
    Hogletk and Shellie, their cheesy toast is a winner.
    Belle, it's worth a visit when you came down to Melbourne; it's is a walking distance from the CBD.
    Conor, I think the polenta chips were pan fried?

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