Tuesday, 30 June 2009


428 Bridge Rd, Richmond - ph: 9428 3845

Roberto's Pizza is good value for money. Specially during week nights (except Fridays), when you can get 2 take away medium pizzas for $19.90!

That's what we got tonight. My husband chose the 'meat paradise' pizza - which is definitely not my taste, with a combination ham, salami, bacon and chicken (whatda???). Anyways, he did enjoy his pizza, although apparently the base was a bit soggy.

I went for a more traditional (read SAFE) combination with my 'capricciosa' - tomato base, covered with mozzarella, mushrooms, olives and anchovies. Chose anchovies instead of ham as, to be honest, I don't think they use the best quality ham...
All in all, Roberto's pizzas are pretty good. They use that really thin italian style base, which is normally quite crusty and nice. You have to choose your toppings wisely, as not all of them are top quality as Ladro or Pizza Espresso.

For me, Roberto's scores extra points on service and efficiency. Your takeaway pizza is generally ready within 10 min from ordering, they also get it right, are good at accommodating special orders and always have a smile on their faces.
Good option for a cheap & cheerful week night dinner - whether you want to eat in or take away.


  1. We BOTH overheard what the main man himself (Roberto) said under his breath when the elderly couple asked if they could have their pizza a little more cooked this time as the base was a little underdone the last time. The couple were obviously repeat customers but after hearing what he said, we wern't about to be first time customers so we just got up and left. Didn't even glance back.

  2. My son was surfing the net for Pizza places being new to Melbourne and he found this site. This Blog makes Roberto's look good but the review above was a little criticle so we had to find out for ourselves. The Pizza wasn't too bad, but the service is really really bad. I was going to say that can be fixed until my research revealled that the staff member that was the most rude was the owner himself. No hope then. I will NEVER go there again.