Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Going out for breakfast is a whole new ball game now that we have kids!

The toddlers are very active and there is NO WAY they will just quietly sit still while we sip our coffee and read the weekend paper like we used to...

Thank God there are some great cafes around Melbourne that really cater for the little ones without sacrificing on the quality of that sacred morning latte for the parents.

Here are my top 5:

1. Birdie Num Nums, Carlton North

Yes, every parent talks about this place for a reason. They have a massive courtyard full of toys and a sandpit. Everything at Birdie Num Nums is made with children in mind, from the menu through to cutlery and plenty of high chairs available. I can actually sit down and enjoy my food when I go there. It's a miracle.

Also, given the place is so well catered for families, there are heaps of kids around and you don't feel bad if yours cries, or screams. or through food around (all do all of the above).

Birdie Num Nums Cafe 

2. Green Park Dining, Carlton North

Not far from Birdie Num Nums, Green Park Dining is adjacent to a playground and there are plenty of outdoor tables within short distance from the play area, which means you can sit down and watch your kids play. They also have loads of books and toys inside for rainy days, and provide crayons and paper for the artsy kids.

Bonus - they are licensed!!!

3. Cubbyhouse Canteen, Armadale

Similar to Green Park Dining, with the added benefit that the playground is fully fenced off and directly linked to the cafe. The only downside is that the menu is a bit more restricted, and the focus is on baked goods rather than cooked breakfasts. Still a very good option for little kids to play inside and outdoors.

Plastic cutlery and toys at Cubbyhouse Canteen 

4. Bean Counter, Fairfield

Bean Counter is more of your local cafe, but still with a good indoor play area for kids. They made good, traditional food; serve pretty good coffee and have great friendly staff. Another good place to chill while the kids entertain themselves.

The Bean Counter 

5. McDonalds

Yes, I know. Never thought I'd be saying that, but I have to admit Macca's is a very good option for those freezing, wet days when you just want the kids to have a place to run around and burn some energy.

Don't think I need to describe the food... but I will say they have plenty of free papers around for the parents enjoyment :)

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